Fyteko’s expertise lies in it’s R&D and scientific knowledge and background.

Fyteko’s Approach

To develop and put a new product on the market, FYTEKO has put into place a specific approach

Science 1



Identification of types of compounds that can trigger specific plant metabolism to counter problems in fields

Science 2



Using pure monomers and enzyme, production of specific active compounds (Green chemistry)

Science 3



Development of formulations for field trials

Science 4



Fyteko has protected his innovation and wishes to pocess a complete Paytent portfolio

Science 5


Bioactivity validation

Test of pure active on plant, if positive back to lab and start of formulation development

Science 6


Client validation

Field trials of most promising formulation in official testing center and distributors facilities

Science 7

Research projects

Fyteko’s core business being it’s R&D and it’s innovation, we naturally often submits and work on various research projects :


Rise : Fyteko was rewarded as one of the most innovative startup of Brussels in 2014 by the Brussels region and received a grant of 450K€ over a 3 years period (2015-2017) to develop our first biostimulants (formulation, protect our IP, register our product and finalise all the tox and ecotox requirements.


Mycosign : Fyteko is working with a German SME on developping an innovative biostimulants for sustainable agriculture. MYCOSIGN enhances the beneficial symbiotic actions of mycorrhizal fungi with microorganism’s/plant’s signaling molecules. Our advantages include improvement of shoot and root growth, nutrient uptake, reduced pesticide use, strengthen abiotic stress resistance and effective water use.

You have questions ?


We are always interested in participating in new European or regional R&D programs or project. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further !