Fyteko has engineered a new bio molecule
enabling plant to resist better to biotic and abiotic stress.

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Climate change means plants face danger, in the form of lack of nutrients or water, temperature ups and downs, or extreme weather events.
By developing new biostimulants, Fyteko works on two front:
increasing resistance or relieving plants from stress (stimulating specific physiological processes in the plant) and maintaining yields even in tough times. Fyteko provide farmers safe and effective products designed to improve crop productivity and quality, while maintaining our steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship (only using sustainable and biobase compounds (purely natural origin) in our formulation).
Our products are proven to perform consistently across a broad range of crops, soils and environments; and they are highly compatible with common application methods.
The high flexibility of Fyteko manufacturing process allows to obtain a wide range of products, both liquid and in powder form, which can be customized.
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